Court Coffee Company is a specialty coffee shop located in Kusadasi, a summer town on the west coast of Turkey. It is the first third wave coffee place in this small town. Since it's the first specialty coffee shop in Kusadasi, we needed to own the demand and the movement for better quality coffee in town. We also needed to educate people about the differences of certain types of roasting and infusion techniques. 
The place is located near the shore at a popular location. Since it's in a summer town, the target audience is mostly a relaxed cheerful crowd looking for a friendly place to sit and enjoy their free time. 
The brand identity is playful, humorous and positive. The sun rays around the icon is a reference to the sunny, cheerful atmosphere of the town, plus the demand for drinking and serving better quality coffee. 
The owner of the shop is an attorney and the origin of the name lies there. But the owner didn't want to emphasise this trivia in the identity. We only used this slogan as a subtle referece to the name.
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