Bonabag designs and produces "pure artisan" genuine leather bags. They briefed me with the following manifesto at the beginning of the identity design process.
"Every journey begins with a touch of passion. Bonabag’s passion is all about authenticity and uniqueness; by creating smartly designed, carefully crafted, timeless leather pieces. We keep this pure artisan legacy with the word “bona” which represents “good, genuine, fortunate.”  We believe that fortune favors the brave.  And Bonabag is proud to witness your journey, in every single story."

I based the identity on the ancient Japanese philosophy of "wabi-sabi" that focuses on the beauty of authenticity and imperfection. It's about accepting the fact that nothing is finished or perfect and nothing lasts. The forms I used were inspired by nature.
I designed an imperfect "O" shape and used it in the logo to reflect this philosophy. 
The icon I designed, inspired the bag design and was used as parts of the bag.
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