Isik Peyzaj is one of the leading landscape architecture companies in Turkey and they are experts on executing complex landscape architecture design projects flawlessly. 

When they asked me to design a catalogue to showcase their 2016 projects, the first thing I did was to listen to their story and look through their previous catalogues. First of all, they were working with a variety of materials, not only plants but also wood, metal, concrete and they executed pools, green walls, green roofs etc. They explained to me the process of their work and I realised that the projects they executed were huge. They had too many challenges while they were executing them and still they managed to finish the projects on time without a flaw. I observed that their previous catalogues did not communicate their level of expertise, what challenges they were facing and how they were solving it. And there was a problem of separating the variety of projects they were doing.

I came up with a clearly separated section system and organized the content according to these categories. I featured the most challenging projects as "case studies" and provided them with a place to explain their differences from their competitors, their success at crisis management etc. to their prospective clients. I suggested using quotations from the landscape architects and their clients on challenging projects. 
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