Digimetri is a data driven Digital Marketing Agency  based in Istanbul. They help businesses of all shapes and sizes thrive in the online world. Their services are SEO, Performance Marketing, Web Analytics, Content Marketing.
The brand is young but not immature. Due to the nature of the job, their methods are scientific and based on technology, data and statistics. But still, they did not want to look too much like a tech company and wanted to have a friendlier face rather than a cold, distant look.
Since their whole job is based on online data and statistics, I used the letter "i" that keeps repeating in the name as a visual tool to communicate the idea of data graphs. I used a rounded, minuscule typography to give a warmer look to the identity. The color blue is a reference to technology but again, with a warmer hue.

Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

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